Fields & Stations | Issue 3
Fields & Stations

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The third issue is dedicated to Ellis Avery (1972-2019), an award-winning writer of novels, memoirs, haikus, and essays. Front of book articles include Fukuoka, Pago Pago, Saint-Louis, and Tórshavn lists and reviews of a Saskatchewan hotel and Haiti’s distinctive clairin rum.

Longer articles include a guide to Santiago de Chile by Eileen Smith, a special essay on cosmopolitan Kolkata by Warren Singh-Bartlett, love letters to Moscow (Marisa Robertson-Textor) and Sarvelat (Leila Sajjadi), an article on far-flung St Helena by Alex Robertson Textor, a Siem Reap address book by Lee Cobaj, and a photo essay on the Palouse by Megan Hatch. Wafting throughout are some rich descriptions of place-specific scents. On the cover, and illustration by Lisbon-based tattooist and illustrator Espirro.